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The International Clean Innovation Researcher Network for Decarbonising Building Industry Towards a Net Zero Future (RNDBI)

The Decarbonising Building Industry (DBI) Initiative stands at the forefront of sustainable transformation within the building industry. As a collaborative network, it unites researchers, industry experts, and policymakers in a mission to innovate and implement green solutions for urban development. Through the DBI, thought leaders and change-makers come together to share knowledge, and explore best practices that pave the way for energy-efficient buildings and reduced carbon footprints. The initiative is more than a program—it's a movement toward a resilient future, aligning with global Net Zero 2050 objectives and fostering a culture of sustainable growth and environmental responsibility. By focusing on renewable energy integration, low-carbon materials, and optimised building performance throughout the entire project life cycle—from design to construction, ensuring that the buildings of tomorrow are as green as they are groundbreaking.


University of Melbourne


Griffith University

Western Sydney University

Flinders University

James Cook University


Monash Malaysia

University of Hong Kong

State University of Texas




Spark Projects


Queensland Government DAF

Australian Government Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water

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